Nigerian Dwarf Goats are some of my best friends!

Updated: Jan 5

Ever thought about miniature goats? Yes, there is upkeep; cleaning poop, trimming hooves, daily food and water checks.....but oh is it worth it! These are some of the most lovable animals I know! Goats are said to be emotional animals, they can pick up on your emotions and love to love on you!

I have 3 Nigerian Dwarf Goats who are 3 years old. I have two females and one male. Glock, our solid black female, Remmington (Remi) our multi-colored female, and Gunner our only male. Gunner is wethered (neutered) therefore I do not plan to breed my girls. Nigerian Dwarf goats are multi purpose goats, meaning they are excellent dairy goats but can also provide meat (I would never! :) ) I would, however, love to be able to get goats milk from my girls eventually (will have to "rent" a buck) because I absolutely love goat milk products!

“We almost lost Gunner. He was very shy until his accident and Elissa and I worked tirelessly for 6 months to rehabilitate him....ever since then, he has made it his personal mission to love on us constantly. It's his way of saying, 'I know you saved my life, and I am forever grateful'”

I have lots of pictures and videos of my goats. They are definitely little escape artists, so your fencing and gates must always be secure. They LOVE to eat brush and contrary to what everyone thinks, they don't eat grass. I have learned a lot about raising goats and will share some tricks and tips, along with funny stories and photos to make you smile. #miniaturegoats #ilovegoats #goatsarefunnyanimals

Stay tuned!



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