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Updated: Jan 5

Do you love dogs? Us too! This page will take you through blogs about homemade treats, natural remedies, and all the fun and mischief that our dogs get into! With three giant dogs, our house is always "rumbling"!!

Do your dogs love peanut butter? Oatmeal? YES! I will share with you some EASY to make DIY dog treats that your dogs will LOVE! I promise!

“Make homemade dog treats that your dogs will beg for!”

We've always had dogs, starting with Molly, our Golden Retriever. Molly lived right up until she turned 15 when we had to lay her to rest as it was hard for her to get around and function. Harley is Cole's dog and she is 6. Harley has been through so much, and if you are a dog lover then you know this to be true, she suffers from depression. Harley was Cole's best friend, they went everywhere together. She rode in his truck as much as he did and since Cole's death, Harley has not stopped searching for him.

We brought home Samson to help Harley deal with the loss of Cole. We thought Sam would give her a new friend and someone to be with while we were at work. The two get along great and even though they don't show it all the time, would protect each other until the end.

Then there's Sarge. The enigma of all dogs. He is giant and lovable, heavy and always sopping with drool. He refuses to get into a vehicle, will not go down steps if they are wet, or God forbid have snow on them, and he is super jealous of Sam. He is the best dog to humans, but tries his best to constantly let Sam know that he is second in command, right behind Harley. Sam already knows this and is super submissive, however Sarge feels the need to aggressively remind him of this....a lot. (we are working on this)

Sharing our Dogs

I'll share with you tips, tricks and mishaps that we have with our dogs! They do some of the funniest things, and some of the most aggravating and annoying things as well (mainly Sarge)! #dogsarelove #gentlegiants #saintbernard #greatpyrenees #rottweiler



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