Frugal to Fabulous!

Turning dollar finds into fabulous farmhouse decor!

I love when I can take cheap finds and turn them into something fabulous! These milk bottles will cost you just $1 each, add some twine, a piece of wood, some flowers ($2 a bundle) and voila! You have an adorable farmhouse piece to accent any space!

You can get these types of bottles at the Dollar Store, or, you can buy a pack of six at Walmart for $5.98!

Grab a bottle of multi surface (glass paint) at Walmart for less than $1.50

Paint the bottle(s) and let them dry. I put two coats of paint on these. (the paint just takes a couple minutes to dry!) Once they're dry, you are ready to sand! Take a piece of sand paper (any grit will work, 100 or above is best) and lightly sand! You want to be sure to sand the wording, the edges and any "corners" that may be on the bottle.

To attach to the wood, I just used these flat wall plates that I found in the hardware section at Walmart for under $1.50 (four in a pack) to secure the twine. I used twine that I already had at home (Twine is much cheaper in the hardware section at Walmart than the craft section) to tie the bottles to the wood. I added some greenery (lambs ear and lavender) that I also found at Walmart for $2.00. You can also find great greenery at the Dollar Store as well!

If you don't have hangers to hang your new piece on the wall, you can drill two holes in the top corners of the wood and run twine through to hang from the twine too! Below is a pic of my favorite type of hangers because they actually screw in and are very secure.

Voila! How cute is this?! For less than $10, you can add a cute farmhouse piece to your home! You don't even have to hang the bottles, save even more money...they look adorable anywhere!



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