DIY Sponge Wall Pattern

Have you heard the craze? SPONGE painting is back!! Does sponge painting bring back any awful decorating memories from the 1990's for anyone else, or just me? Trust me, this is much different! Just as easy, but a totally different look.

The "Boho Farmhouse" is the new style craze, and I LOVE IT! Patterned walls are making a huge comeback, even Joanna Gaines uses eye catching wallpaper to accent walls and it looks so good. However, wallpaper is so much more "permanent" than paint, and removable wallpaper is not only expensive, but if you haven't tried it's not as easy to hang as you would think. I tried it once, spent $90 and tore it off before I even finished. It's very hard to get straight and not easy to manipulate at all.

So this is where SPONGING makes a comeback! This tutorial will take you through the creation of a sponge wall using cheap sponges that I bought from Dollar General, paint stir sticks and some paint that I already had. It was super easy and literally only took about 20 minutes to do.

Here the is the before picture of my guest bathroom. My house is 47 years old and we haven't re-fabbed anything in this bathroom yet. Our plan is to rip out the bathtub and put in a walk-in shower, tear the tile off the walls and replace the vanity. But for now, painting the walls and vanity will have to do!

So, before we start, here's what you will need:

  1. Three sponges (you can really use one, just depends on if you want to make a "sponge wand" or just do each mark individually)

  2. 2 paint stir sticks (not necessary if you just want to sponge each mark individually)

  3. Paint & small craft brush to get the paint on the sponge

  4. Tape measure

  5. Level

  6. Pencil

Step 1: Mark your wall. I marked off vertical lines that were 12 inches apart horizontally. I placed a tiny mark every 12 inches measuring left to right, then used my level to mark a line up the wall. (I only placed a mark up the wall every 8 inches or so, just to give me a guideline so that my columns were straight)

Step 2: Cut your sponges to make your sponging wand: (not needed if you want to sponge your lines individually) I cut one sponge into three sections and hot glued each piece onto a paint stick. (Be sure that you glue your sponges equally apart and equally centered on your stick!) This tool allowed me to place three marks on the wall at once versus one at a time. (*note - you need to make two of these wands, so that your sponging pattern goes in the opposite direction - so one tool the lines will all move up to the right, and one tool the lines will all move up to the left)

Step 3: Get the paint on your sponge: use a craft brush to brush your paint color onto the part of the sponge that will be placed on the wall. One coat of paint on the sponge will do several rows of sponging!

Step 4: Begin Sponging! Get started! Follow your guideline that you placed on the wall and do one side first. I started with the right side of my column, from the bottom of the wall and worked my way up. When you get near the top, your tool won't fit so you will fill in the last couple of marks by using the individual sponge. After you finish the right column, move to the left. Doing one column at a time allows you to keep your lines straight!

I'm telling you, this is SUPER EASY! Check out the pattern it gives you! I love it! Just enough pattern to add a little "wow" but not too overwhelming! Plus, it's paint, so when you get tired of it, paint right over it!!

Here's my final product! I love it!



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