DIY Fireplace Makeover

Updated: Jan 4

German Schmear makeover? YES PLEASE!

Fireplace makeover - German Schmear style! Woohoo! Does your fireplace need an update? Want to brighten the room a bit? Want a unique look that brings out a modern farmhouse/cabin/updated/new rustic touch? You're on the right post! This tutorial will walk you through the supplies you need, how to get started and some hints and tricks that I figured out by making my own mistakes, so you don't have to! This is a MEDIUM LEVEL DIY and once you get the hang of "schmearing", it's a breeze! (just remember the mortar is permanent :) ) #germanschmear #fireplacemakeover #updateyourfireplace #diyfireplacemakeover #diythatyoucando

DIY doers and first time try-ers:

“This is such an awesome way to update my fireplace! It makes such a beautiful difference, I LOVE it!”

Follow this blog to learn how to apply German Schmear! Before you start, or as you are going, if you have a question, reach out to us and we can help guide you!

Supplies Needed:

1. Simply Set Thin Set Mortar (pre-mixed) - available at your local hardware store in a 1lb or 3lb bucket. I paid $22 for the small bucket and $41 for the large.....I should have bought the large from the beginning because the 1lb-er was not near enough.

2. 2 Putty knives - I large and 1 small (you can just get the plastic putty knives, they are cheaper than the metal ones!

3. 1 Cake Icing Bag - 12 or 16 inch. (I found the 12 was actually easier to manipulate and hold, you just have to refill a little more often)

4. Clear plastic painters tarps - to cover your floor, mantle and hearth (until you're read to do the hearth)* *Note - start at the TOP of your fireplace and work your way down

5. Painters tape - you will need to tape off all walls, vents, the mantle, ceiling and anything else that you do not want mortar on

6. Spray bottle with water


“It's so much easier than I thought.”

*Important to note - be sure to FILL the joints, then schmear. If you do not have enough mortar it will not fill the joint and you'll see it later! That's why it's important to carefully look back over each joint before it totally dries!


Watch the video below to see our "schmearing" in action. We run through start to finish (although - lesson learned - I should have video-ed MORE and given you more close up shots of the schmearing! Will do next time!)

DIY Fireplace Makeover - German Schmear Method


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