HOPE to those who need it most...

Read below about how one family turned a tragedy into a community outreach program to give HOPE....to those who need it most.

Surviving Tragedy by Faith

Giving HOPE to those who need it most.

On October 21, 2014, our youngest son Cole was killed in a crash outside our home when another driver failed to yield. Cole had just turned 17 and was heading to his buddies house. My husband and I heard the crash from our home and arrived on scene before first responders. The torment, agony and pain that comes with the death of a child is unbearable, unthinkable and incomprehensible to the human body until you are faced with it. There are no words to describe the pain. I was facing something that I knew I couldn't face alone....and we turned to God. Click here to read more about how my family has taken the secret mission that my son was on, and shared it with our entire community....to give HOPE. 


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